Open hours


Basement Loan Store:

Mon- Thurs: 09:30 - 12:30|13:30 - 16.30

Fri: 09:30 - 12:30|13:30 - 15.30


Photography Loan Store:

Mon-Thurs: 10:00 - 11:00|15:00 - 16:00

Fri: 10:00 - 11:00|14:00 - 15:00

Bookings cannot be collected outside these hours.

Times and days when we are closed for Bank Holidays, training days and other such events will be posted in the 'Announcements' section below.

Contact us

The basement equipment loan store is on the lower ground floor of the Art and Design building, room AA011. Take the stairs at the bottom of the Gallery and turn left at the bottom.

Photography loans are from the Photo Loan Store at A231 Mercer Building (ext 1228)





When you first sign into the loan store booking system, you will be given a generic account with limited access - you must email with your USERNAME, COURSE & LEVEL so your permissions can be allocated.

Once we confirm you are registered on a course and have any necessary inductions, you will be granted further access to equipment and spaces associated with your course and level of study.

Late returns will incur a fine of £30 per day, per item. Breakages/losses will incur a fine of the replacement/fix cost. Breaches of the loan agreement (including sharing kit or booking kit for students with existing bans) will incur the above and an extended suspension of facility use, including cancellation of any pre-existing future bookings.

Missed pickups will be automatically cancelled and must be rebooked for the next available collection slot.

Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance, and 48 hours in advance for F&TV bookings. 

Specialist equipment and spaces usually require an induction for access. We DO NOT arrange these, these should take place in your scheduled teaching as part of your course. Speak to your tutor for further information. Tutors: once you have done an induction for a class please submit a completed induction list to us so the updated permissions can be allocated.


Please note

If your booked equipment requires a risk assessment (Film & TV), your booking will not be confirmed until this has been assessed and approved. Please note your booking may be cancelled without this process.  

Many of the items in this area require an induction before use. Your student ID card is required to use the facility.
The late return of equipment will incur a fine.
We only loan to Creative Arts staff and students (unless otherwise agreed in advance).

Equipment is bookable by students and staff, either individually, or in groups, at least 24 hours in advance of collection, or 48 hours for Film & TV loans. All that is required to loan equipment is your UH ID card. Loans are made for a 24 hour period as standard (unless agreed otherwise by the technical team).

As a relatively limited amount of equipment has to service the whole school, it is essential that items are returned promptly and collected as requested. As a result, it has been agreed by the school that repeated missed bookings will result in a temporary ban from use of our facilities.

Please note that this policy is strictly enforced, so any delay due to unforeseen circumstances must be immediately reported to (and agreed with by) a technical staff member in order to avoid this fine (contact information can be obtained above).




· Everyone is accountable for their own safety and for the safety of others around them.

· If you see something dangerous report it to the supervising member of staff at once.

· Staff and students can only use equipment and processes after they have received relevant training.

· In the event of an accident call a first aider at once.

· All electrical items brought into the area must be PAT tested.

· Equipment must be signed out and returned at the agreed time. Late returns will incur a fine and suspension from booking facilities, including the cancellation of existing future bookings.

· Repeated missed collections will result in the offending Loan Store account being suspended.

· Booking equipment for other students that are suspended/unregistered will result in the booking being cancelled and both accounts being suspended.

· If in doubt ask an appropriate member of staff.

· Abusive behaviour toward technical staff will not be tolerated.

· Please report all breakages or faulty equipment to technical staff.

· In the case of group productions (F&TV), any sanctions and/or fines will be applied to the full production team and not just the account of the lead booker.

Students and staff must adhere to this Code of Practice.


Insurance against loss or damage is not covered by the University policy; you are responsible for the care and safety of loaned equipment, and may be held responsible for any damage and loss. When you tick our terms and conditions, you are indicating that you have read the terms and agreed to our policies. If booking a lot of expensive equipment, we would urge you to seek your own insurance for both transit and usage - such as Performance Film & Media Insurance. We can help you with identifying replacement costs, should you require it for insurance purposes. Please note, you will need special permission from the Loans Team to take our equipment overseas and you will have to provide documented evidence of insurance cover. You may also be required to produce a Carnet.